Hamanoyu, Inatori Onsen in Izu Peninsula

Guests are recommended to manage
with as light a lunch as possible

Cuisine is the highlight of a stay at our gourmet ryokan. We serve so much seafood at dinner that you may not be able to eat it all.
Generous servings of luxurious cuisine with a real Izu feel, brought to you in your room.
Set aside all worries and inhibitions and treat yourself to a thoroughly "delicious time".

Our Japanese cuisine is a course with fresh ingredients including raw fish.
If you are allergic to fish or any kind of food, or if you dislike to eat raw fish,
we can replace the meals for you. Please let us know 2days or more in advance.

Meals are served in your guest room.
Please try not to eat lunch much as the dinner is very voluminous.
Please note that there is NO restaurant that serves a la carte menu.

Since we would like all the customers to enjoy our dinner.
Dinner will be served at either 18:00, 18:30 or 19:00. 19:00 is the latest so please arrive by 18:00

Ryokan cuisine which always pursues new value and new creativity Cuisine

An unwavering commitment to "ryokan cuisine"...
That is a point of pride for us as a gourmet ryokan.

We never waver in our unending pursuit and exploration of cuisine, in order to be sure we can deliver to our guests the kinds of new value and new creativity which are possible precisely because they are staying at a ryokan.

which encompasses all the charms of Izu, served right there in your room.Your own dedicated member of staff will serve you your dishes one by one, with true devotion.

Feature.1 Izu Inatori local specialty cuisine Sugatani of red bream

We have been serving this fine dish since we first opened our gourmet ryokan for business. Our proudest gems here are our inimitable secret sauce and the traditional local seasonings.

You simply can't talk about Izu Inatori if you haven't tried this dish.

Feature.2 uxurious blessings fresh from the sea Tsukurizato

Our chef visits the nearby fishing ports every day so we can create gorgeous sashimi consisting of generous helpings of freshly-caught local fish, and thereby serve a dish which is truly a symbol of the very essence of Izu.

We have been proudly serving our "Asa kara Funamori" at breakfast ever since our ryokan was first established. Please be sure to experience the ultimate in seafood indulgence.

Feature.3 Lavish quantities of top-quality ingredients Sake-steamed abalone

In this dish you get a whole abalone to yourself. We steam the abalone in sake so that you can enjoy it with the best possible texture.

That texture brings out an exquisite flavor. Truly delicious things put a smile on people's faces and make them feel happy and satisfied.

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