Hamanoyu, Inatori Onsen in Izu Peninsula

Tenro-no-Izumi Sky Fontaine

The whole of the rooftop floor has been used to create a wide range of baths, with no less than 16 bathtubs in all.
In the morning the sun rises from the horizon, and before you lie the vast plain of the ocean and the Seven Islands of Izu.
After nightfall, enjoy a private time while gazing at the moon and a sky full of stars.

We would like you to enjoy “Onsen Bath” however please do not bring in smartphones or cameras,
also please do not wear a swimsuits in the bath either.
These rules are all an important part of our culture and we ask that you respect them. Thank you.

  • Boyo open-air bath
  • Manten open-air bath
  • Ailesd'ange
  • Private Spa
  • Private rock bath
  • Free private baths

The 270 panorama of the ocean is simply amazing
Boyo open-air bath

Open since April 19, 2007, this is the largest bath area in Tenro-no-Izumi Sky Fontaine.
The water flowing over the edge of the bath looks like it's pouring into the vast ocean. At night, bathers will enjoy completely different views from the ones they will see in the daytime.

(Bathing hours) Men: 4:00 - 10:30 Ladies: 15:00 - 1:00

360°Panorama Viw

Admire the Seven Islands of Izu rising from the ocean
Manten open-air bath

The centerpiece of the Manten open-air bath area is its large open-air bath with an ocean view, and there is also a cypress bath, a cave bath and more. These are views you can only get from the very top floor. We hope you get to take home as a cherished memory of your time in Izu an impression of a vast panorama seen on a fine day, the island of Izu Oshima rising before your eyes.

(Bathing hours) Men: 15:00 - 7:00 Ladies: 4:00 - 10:30

360°Panorama Viw

A romantic, moving time
Ailes D'ange private open-air bath

Ailes D'ange is a sky terrace & spa which overlooks the ocean. It opened at last in July 2010. Guests get to enjoy a private time of supreme bliss which is like being at an overseas resort or even a scene from a movie.

Use of the bath is by on-the-day reservation after check-in.

360°Panorama Viw

Everything is there to soothe just the two of you
Private Spa private open-air bath

This truly luxurious private bath is a spacious 110 m2, and has its own mist sauna, sleeping bath, open-air bath, indoor bath and deck terrace. Use is for an additional fee.

Use of the bath is by on-the-day reservation after check-in.

360°Panorama Viw

Private rock bath

Our private rock bath has opened in July 2010. It offers a feeling of total privacy you simply can't experience in the usual kind of rock-bathing establishments found in most other places in town.

* Use of the bath is by reservation by 18:00 on the day.

Four different
free private baths

Hamanoyu is proud to be able to offer four different free private baths which guests can use for no additional fee. When you use one of these private baths, please lock the door from the inside. We also have a private family bath for the whole family to enjoy together.

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