Hamanoyu, Inatori Onsen in Izu Peninsula

A ryokan, and therefore a symbol of Japanese culture

In a traditional ryokan, each guest room has a dedicated member of staff responsible for looking after the guests from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, and meals are served to guests in their own tatami room.
Ryokan hospitality places high value on communication with guests, and on keeping just the right distance, neither too close and nor far.
As a result, guests can enjoy an unforgettable travel experience.


We believe from the bottom of our hearts that the joy and emotion our guests feel are our own joy and emotion, and extend our hospitality every day with this belief firmly in mind.

We treasure every encounter with every guest, and look after them with the utmost care. Today's Hamanoyu is the result of the cumulative effect of all these acts.


We all work hard day after day to make sure that we can each provide naturally and based on our own ideas and feelings, hospitality which can meet the individual needs of the guests we meet every day.

Joy for us guest room staff means meeting lots of smiling, joyful guests. Their happiness makes us happy, too.


We welcome our guests both with traditional local flavors of Izu Inatori, and with original dishes which are the fruits of our constant study of cuisine.

Hamanoyu cuisine has been built up and established by all the staff who work here, and is born from all the encouragement and feedback we receive from our guests.


We work very hard to make sure we can offer our guests the very best hospitality, an experience they will never forget. We strive to achieve service which is always fresh, and never forget the importance of a smile and a true heart.

Our earnest wish is that our hospitality can help make our guests' precious trips even better memories.

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